Zach McDuffie

Meet the Photographer

Hi! I'm Zach, a.k.a. "Z". I'm based in Southern California, and I shoot commercial, portrait, and lifestyle photography. I also produce, direct, and shoot video projects.

Laguna Beach, CA

My Story

Before moving to California, I was an award winning travel and lifestyle photographer, living and working abroad for the better part of two decades. I founded a school for travelers in Costa Rica (School of the World) that taught Photography, Spanish, Surfing, and Yoga. I continued to expand my photography storytelling vocabulary, studying fashion and beauty photography in L.A. and Paris, advanced portrait photography in Santa Fe, NM, and underwater photography in the Bahamas. Here in California I shoot fashion, editorial, lifestyle, and portrait photography. My wife and daughter both have successful modeling careers, so we've often worked together... both in front of and behind the lens!