Zach McDuffie

Photographer and Visual Storyteller

Laguna Beach, CA

Hi! I'm Zach, a.k.a. "Z". I'm based in Southern California, and I shoot commercial, portrait, and lifestyle photography. I also produce, direct, and shoot video projects.

Before moving to California, I was an award winning travel and lifestyle photographer, living abroad for the better part of two decades. I founded a school for travelers in Costa Rica (School of the World) that taught Photography, Spanish, Surfing, and Yoga. I studied fashion and beauty photography in L.A. and Paris, but didn't really get serious about commercial photography until I met and fell in love with my beautiful wife Natazha, an international model. We settled in Laguna Beach and worked together a lot as a photographer+model duo (and also as a family) over the last decade. We also started our own brand along the way. Our daughter was born into a life on set and has been modeling professionally since she was a baby. All three of us have independent but overlapping careers now, so it is a bonus when we get a chance to work together- either in front of or behind a camera. As a photographer, my art, family, lifestyle, and work are all intertwined... and I am passionate about every part of it!